• Dami Gbadebo

Dami Exodus Shuts Down Lagos

Updated: Feb 25

On Friday, December 20th, Dami Exodus took on his largest venue to date, performing at the Flytime Music Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. The 21 year old artist hailing from Boise performed in what was a star studded lineup with talented artists from around the globe. Knowing what was in store for the night, Exodus made sure to make his presence felt, making a name for himself and winning over the hearts of the 5,000 viewers in attendance.

It was a night to remember. Flytime Music Festival is one of West Africa's largest concerts, and apart from Dami, talented acts like Mase, Koffee, and various other international acts gave the audience a show they'll never forget. This was only day 1 of the festival.

After the show, Dami Exodus spoke with interviewers and revealed that his supporters should anticipate more music to be released in 2020. So we'll do just that.

To listen to Dami's debut mixtape release, click here.

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